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The main product of our activities is manufacture of cooling panels for iron-works electrode furnace to melt scrap metal. They are walls and panels made of thick wall tubes of various shapes and sizes. Mostly, the tubes are bent. The manufacture includes also feeing and discharging piping systems.

Another group of our products is equipment for ecologization of manufacturing processes, i.e. flue ducts, pulverized fuel ducts and separating filters.


The assembly activity is concentrated mainly on assembly of pipelines and their parts in the following branches:

  • assembly and repair of pipelines in power engineering and chemical industry
  • assembly and repair of tubular cooling systems of metallurgical furnaces including assembly of cooling panels, heat exchangers
  • assembly and repair of pipeline systems – pulverized fuel ducts, flue gas ducting and their parts – filters, bunkers, cyclones

Another line of our business is repair of equipment in metallurgy, particularly thick-walled vessels used for melted iron storing and transport.

To our clients we offer qualified specialized welding work mainly for thick-wall products in the following branches:

  • manufacture of machines for scrap iron crushing and processing (mills, crushers, demolition equipment)
  • bridge manufacture
  • crane manufacture

For the above-mentioned activities there is available staff of long-term practice, as follows:

  • welders:
    • manual coated-electrode arc welding - (111)
    • gas tungsten arc welding - TIG (141)
    • inert-gas metal-arc welding – MAG (135/136)
    • welders are certified according to EN 287-1
  • locksmiths, fitters for piping assembly
  • supervisory staff
  • managing and examining staff